Youjin Kong

Welcome! I am a Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Oregon State University. I received my PhD in Philosophy from Michigan State University (2019) and my MA and BA in Philosophy from Seoul National University, South Korea.

Here is my CV.


My research focuses on creating philosophical frameworks that contribute to a more just society. Located at the nexus of multiple disciplines, including Social/Political Philosophy, Women’s and Gender Studies, Normative Ethics, and Ethics of Technology, my research program has two main goals: to critically analyze the often-overlooked ways in which contemporary theories of (in)justice marginalize women and/or people of color; and to develop conceptual models for rectifying this exclusion and promoting a more inclusive and just theorizing.

My dissertation, for example, provides an original framework for conceptualizing “women” that helps to conduct feminist research in a way that is more intersectional. In line with this research, I have published multiple articles in peer-reviewed journals, including Social Philosophy Today and The Pluralist, and keep an active conference presentation schedule. I won the Best Paper Prize at the 2016 Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy meeting.


I have taught a variety of philosophy and interdisciplinary humanities courses, and received a Teaching Excellence Award in 2019. Most recently, I have designed and launched new courses on ethical and philosophical issues in artificial intelligence. As an underrepresented minority in anglophone philosophy (Asian woman), I am committed to creating more diverse and inclusive learning environments.